Hebrew/Torah is FRACTAL: The DNA of Creation – Rabbi Mordechai Kraft

Hebrew/Torah is FRACTAL: The DNA of Creation – Rabbi Mordechai Kraft

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Lecture given on August 21st 2008.

Please Note: The term Israelite (perhaps the proper term for a Jew or person of ANY faith,) refers to one who “is on the way to Creator,” accordingly, and despite popular misconceptions, everyone is welcome to this STATE of MIND… Further, it is said that NOT ONE WORD of TORAH is about this world, but about that which is HIGHER. (Just notice the contradictions in Torah, then think through them.)


1) Hebrew is written and read right to left.
2) Like English with its 2 forms to the alphabet, an upper and lower case version, Hebrew has a “block and a cursive script.” Sometimes this Rabbi mixes both forms when writing a single word, which can easily be confusing.
3) There are 22 letters in Hebrew, each is a consonant. Vowels are not considered as letters, and are depicted as dots or bars. All vowels do is to change the way that the associated consonant is pronounced.
4) You may find it useful to use this or other articles as a tool as you watch. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hebrew_script

Important Note: I suggest that Hebrew and Torah are fractal as depicted in this lecture because of the way each word or letter is related to every other word, and by so many modes. This fractal is in a sense, only metaphoric, or philosophic, and is not exactly real in the physical dimension. But please see the work of Dan Winter and/or Stan Tenen to examine more physical representations of the ways that Hebrew and Torah manifest as real fractals to/in/of the Universe. (As just one example, in order to prevent alterations, the Torah is a giant 3 dimensional spiral with locks and keys built in along each edge or rotation.) It is sufficient to say here, that the letter shapes, the graphical representation of their pronunciation and the layout of the Torah are highly advanced fractals to/of Creation, again, on many levels.

I claim fair use of this lecture recording for education purposes and without any monetary gain. Downloaded freely (or with a tzedakah gift) from http://www.TorahAnytime.com. (Original title of the lecture is “Hebrew the DNA of Creation.”)

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