Immanuel Velikovsky – Challenging Truths (Camera Three – 1964)

Immanuel Velikovsky – Challenging Truths (Camera Three – 1964)

Classic Immanuel Velikovsky interview discussing his controversial views and predictions about the planet Venus.


HedgeSchool28 HedgeSchool28 Published on Mar 12, 2013

Immanuel Velikovsky was a controversial author, his views on astronomical and historical events have been widely rejected by the academic community, despite some of his ideas to be later proven true. His books use comparative mythology and ancient literary sources to argue that Earth suffered catastrophic close contacts with other planets (principally Venus and Mars) in ancient times.

4 thoughts on “Immanuel Velikovsky – Challenging Truths (Camera Three – 1964)

  1. Love the Max Planck quote! It’s hard to go back and imagine science at this point. But then science should always be changing and growing. The personal attacks remind me of what’s going on with Rupert Sheldrake and the “scientific” community (including the recent TED Talk controversy).

    • Have heard much about TED censoring talks that are controversial or don’t fit in with the current views of the mainstream scientific establishment. Not really hip to the TED movement and it’s agenda. Only aware of a few talks, and surprisingly those few are the ones removed. Not surprising as much of the scientific community is stagnant, the only parts flowing are fed by grants sponsored by government and corporate industry. We all know they have agendas. Unfortunately those agendas have dominated the scientific community for quite some time making it difficult for views not sponsored by the mainstream to gain acceptance. TED will go stagnant and die if it holds to this agenda of suppression. New communities will rise in due time to support that which is suppressed as the world is filled by people like us who will be there to seek it out.

      • You would definitely like Sheldrake’s new book, Science Set Free, which examines the dogmas of science and how the search for truth is avoided under the system. I was surprised to see that it was published by Deepak Chopra Books because the mainstrean must find the ideas too threatening.

      • Thanks! will look into it… kinda experienced the dogma in college while getting biology and chemistry degrees. Many accept the dogma, however some see through it but have to work with it in order to “progress” or make a living in this world.

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