Wholly Science – Johan Oldenkamp, PhD

Wholly Science – Johan Oldenkamp, PhD

Wholly Science combines the remarkable findings of Modern Science with the profound wisdom of Ancient Science.  To learn more, read his free online e-book ‘The Bigger Picture — Beyond the Illusion of Matter’ on http://Pateo.nl.

In this series of lectures, Johan Oldenkamp, PhD, presents the basics. Recorded in Oosterbeek, The Netherlands, on August 31th, 2011.

Uploaded by on Sep 8, 2011

Part 1: Plato Revisited

This video explains the deeper meaning of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. The real-life world we perceive and detect around us consists of mere shadows, exactly like Plato described in his allegory. The real world is just an illusion. The Sanskrit word for illusion is ‘maya’. Today, Quantum Physics starts to rediscover what Ancient Science already knew thousands of years ago: the ‘real’ world is just a holographic projection. This video shows that matter is projected energy. Unfortunately, Modern Science mistakenly confuses the shadows of energy with original (living) energy. To know what energy really is, we need to fully understand the teachings of Ancient Science.

Complete Series of Lectures

Part 1: Plato Revisited
Part 2: Forbidden Apple of Knowledge

Part 3: Dynamics of Time
Part 4: Mayan Calendars
Part 5a: Nine Waves of Creation
Part 5b: Nine Waves of Creation
Part 6a: Source Code
Part 6b: Source Code
Part 7: Wholly Science

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