Journey to the West (Monkey King) Saga


Princess Iron Fan Animation (1941)

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Published on Aug 16, 2013

Princess Iron Fan – denoised and stabilized version WITH subtitles (turn them on if they are off).
This was the first Chinese feature length cartoon and it was made under difficult circumstances during WWII when China was occupied by Japan.

It shows a very small section from Journey to the West and takes quite a few artistic liberties (with the animation obviously being heavily influenced by Disney – but it also has a uniquely Chinese as well as an Anime flavor). It has some nice rotoscoped scenes and little to do with the actual book – but it is still much better than anything inspired by Journey to the West that came out later when the Communists took over.

Journey to the West (Monkey King) Saga

(Unfortunately this series was removed from youtube therefore links currently do not work)

An enjoyable Monkey King saga directed by Ho Meng Hua. Adaption of the famous novel “SAI YAU GEI” (Journey to the West) which is based on the famous journey of a holy monk who traveled from China to India in quest of some Buddhist scriptures. But this quest would not be so easy, because there are many dangers and difficulties in the way, moreover some bad people wish to eat the holy monk’s flesh to get eternal youth and life. Fortunately, 3 loyal and vigorous guards, Monkey King, Pig and Sandy Friar, protect the Holy Monk from every dangerous and twisty attack. Have fun ! ^_^

I  西遊記 – The Monkey Goes West (1966)

Monkey Goes West is the beginning of the “Journey to the West” saga from Shaw Brothers. The Priest, Tang (Ho Fan) is traveling through the forests of China when a massive earthquake and tornado whisks his party away. He wanders around and stumbles across the Monkey (Yueh Hua), trapped in a rock prison. He is convinced to let him free (much to the dismay of his keeper) and allows him to accompany him to the West in order to find the powerful scriptures. This is probably the most famous story in Chinese lore, so I won’t ruin any of it with an inadequate description. The first movie ends with the Priest, Monkey and Pig heading off for the West after a series of adventures and close calls.…

II  鐵扇公主 – Princess Iron Fan (1966)

PRINCESS IRON FAN is the second in a series of Shaw Bros. live-action adaptations of “Journey to the West,” the mythological tale of a quest from China to India to bring back Buddhist scriptures, famous for the adventures of Sun Wukong, the notorious Monkey King. This one focuses on two distinct incidents from the saga. The first involves Monkey King’s encounter with Princess Iron Fan (Pat Ting Hung) and the Ox King and his attempt to get the Iron Fan from them to fan out the fire on Flame Mountain blocking the way of the Tang Monk and his party. The second deals with Lady White Skeleton(swashbuckling star Cheng Pei-Pei) and her sister (Lily Ho) and their attempt to abduct the Tang Monk away from Sun Wukong’s protection in order to eat his flesh and become immortal.

III  盤絲洞 – The Cave of the Silken Web (1967)

Cave of Silken Web is the third installment in Shaw Brothers series from the Chinese classic tale Journey to the West. The monk Tripitaka and his three protector /companions, Monkey, Pigsy, and Sandy are trapped in the Cave of the Seven Spiders (i.e. seven swimsuit-clad seductresses) who want to eat the monk’s flesh to gain immortality.

IV  女兒國 – The Land of Many Perfumes (1968)

“The fourth film in the Shaw Brothers’ Journey to the West series finds our heroes trapped in a land populated by beautiful, sex-starved women. Plenty of madcap antics follow in this fun addition to the series, which also boasts one of the funniest chase sequences in Hong Kong cinema history.”

Genre; Fantasy, Musical

sun wukong Xiyou sm

Monkey from an 1819 publication of Journey to the West novel.

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