Alan Watts – Zen bones and Tales

Alan Watts – Zen bones and Tales


When the mouth wants to speak about it, words fail.
When the mind seeks affinity with it, thought vanishes.
Sun and moon cannot illuminate it completely.
Heaven and earth cannot cover it entirely.

The light, that brilliant shining energy. Vivid vivid light so bright that it’s like the clear light of the void in the Tibetan book of the dead. It’s beyond light it’s so bright and you watch it receding from you. On its edges, like a great star, there becomes a rim of red and beyond that a rim of orange, then yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. You see this great mandala appearing, this great sun. Beyond the violet there’s black, black like obsidian, not flat black but transparent black like lacquer. And again blazing out of the black, as the yang comes from the yin, more light. Going going going, and along with this light there comes sound. There’s a sound so tremendous with the white light that you cant even hear it. So piercing that it seems to annihilate the ears. But then along with the colors the sound goes down the scale in harmonic intervals, down down down, until it gets to a deep thundering bass, which is so vibrant, that in turn it turns into something solid. And you begin to get the similar spectrum of textures. Now all this time you’ve been watching a kind of a thing radiating out, but it says “This isn’t all that I can do,” and the rays start going yoing, yoing, yoing and dancing, and naturally the sound starts waving too as it comes out, and the textures start varying themselves and they say, “Well you been looking at this thing in a flat dimension, lets add a third dimension.  It’s going to come right at you now, and were not just going to go yoing, yoing, yoing, we’re going to do little curly cues going, wapikachu, tajikaju, tajikaju, like this.” Then it says, “Well that’s just a beginning we can go tomp tromp chomp pomp,” making squares and turns. Then suddenly you see in all the little details, that become so intense, there are all kinds of little sub-figures contained in what you thought was originally the main figure. The sound starts going all different, amazing complexities of sound all over the place and this thing’s going going going and you think you’re going out of your mind, then suddenly it turns into…. why us, sitting around here.

Satori, a sudden crash of thunder, the mind doors burst open, and there sits the ordinary person… just little old you.

Zen Flesh,  the side of Zen which has to do with neither doing or not doing, but knowing that you are it and you don’t have to seek it.

Zen Bones the side of Zen in which allows you to come back into this world with the attitude of not seeking, knowing that you’re it and not fall apart.

Tat tvam asi, That thou art or You’re it!

AlanWattsLecturesAlanWattsLectures Published on Mar 5, 2013

Zen Bones part1&2: 0:000:53:13
Zen Tales part1&2: 0:53:13 – end
Audio: Alan Watts / Zen bones & Zen tales from Eastern and Western zen

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