Dr. Carmen Boulter Latest Interview ‘The Pyramid Code’ – Capricorn Radio March 1, 2013

Dr. Carmen Boulter Latest Interview ‘The Pyramid Code’ 

Capricorn Radio March 1, 2013

Host E.A.James Swagger discusses Ancient Egypt, and Matriarchal/Patriarchal Cultures with his guest Dr. Carmen Boulter. Carmen is an author, film producer and independent researcher renowned for her work in Egypt and ancient cultures. In the first part of the show James discusses/reviews Carmen’s book ‘Angels and Archetypes’ which maps the female consciousness through history. In the second half Carmen discusses her work/research in Egypt which led to her 5 part documentary series ‘The Pyramid Code’. This immensely successful documentary series delves into an alternative view of Ancient Egypt, from timelines, ancient technology, Matriarchal/Patriarchal control and the wisdom teaching of Abd’el Hakim. Carmen has been a student of Hakim for many years and has been instrumental in bringing his valuable knowledge to the forefront. Carmen continues to carry on his tradition in a passionate, academic and scholarly manner with the launch of her new interactive online learning program. The Pyramid Code is a must see for anyone interested in the true Ancient Egypt, please see Dr. Carmen Boulter’s website below for her book/DVD interactive learning, updates and forthcoming tour of Egypt.



7 thoughts on “Dr. Carmen Boulter Latest Interview ‘The Pyramid Code’ – Capricorn Radio March 1, 2013

  1. Brilliant interview,

    Dr Carmen Boulter is so insightful. I recently finished watching The Pyramid Code and I’m looking to get my hands on all of Carmen’s other works.

  2. The pyramid code is a remake of others’ hypotheses (Hancock, Bauval, etc); the only ‘new’ thing Boulter mentions is the ‘Band of Peace” but she forgets to explain to us from where this ‘Band of Peace’ comes from. I found this video extremely boring and Boulter’s knowledge of Egypt incredibly limited. People made a campfire there (at Abu Roash) — duh, there is charcoal.

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