Neko and Lily


Neko and Lily


Got Neko at 8 weeks!


Lily came around at 8 months and didn’t leave!


Lily thought she would try some lipstick (actually was chewing a pen! shes a good girl now).

DSC08235Neko thinks shes a kitty. Kitty thinks shes a dog.

DSC08690Neko and her harem of kitties.

DSC08733Lily likes kitties too, they have tasty feets!

DSC07507Love hiking!

DSC08099peek a boo!

DSC08034Neko checking out the town of Bisbee “B”.


Hey where did the stars go!


Lily that hawk is a lot further away than you think!


No place like home!


Kitty has had enough of the dogs for today.

2 thoughts on “Neko and Lily

  1. Beautiful and priceless! My God, Neko was adorable at 8 weeks and I just love Kitty’s last pose! And I’ve wondered for a long time what was on the dog’s feet- knew it wasn’t blood.

    • lol, crossed my mind a little while back that people might think Lily had blood on her paws at first glance… glad you could depict otherwise, wasn’t sure how well the pink showed up.
      Fee-Chan, the orange cat sleeps like that often, he’s so crazy!

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