The Atlantean Hypothesis – Manly P. Hall

Manly P. Hall – The Atlantean Hypothesis

Part 1A

ApollyonProductionsApollyonProductions Published on Dec 6, 2012

1. Atlantean Records in Greece & Egypt


Shadowy interval between the prehistoric and historic world, we’re unable to trace the emergence of civilized man as we know him today. Plato’s story of Atlantis came from one of his disciples who in turn heard it from an old Athenian law giver named Solon in 600BC, one of the 7 wise men of Greece. Yet not included among philosophers or scientists, Solon was a statesman bound by political and physical problems of his society. Solon visited Egypt out of respect for their skilful handling of legislature, during this trip the priests of Sais communicated to him the legend of Atlantis.

The Atlantic invasion of the Greek states occurred about 9000 years before the birth of Solon to date it around 11,500 years ago. According to the Egyptians the Atlanteans attempted the conquest of Europe and in the course of this conquest they moved without opposition until they reached the Greek area and here they had their first serious adversary. Back then armies moved as a complete migration of social structures. So instead of being perturbed by the destruction of their homeland they seemed to disappear, it’s possible yet uncertain if they set up the state of Egypt.

Plato alludes to the fact that the Caldeans were the merchant cast of the Atlantean people, leaving remnants of the Caldean philosophy within the culture of all they traded with. Even the Greeks tell that their culture was brought to them by a mysterious figure from an ancient race. None of the ancient civilizations take responsibility for the founding of their own culture, they all say they inherited it from an ancient race.  Peoples from elsewhere came with leaders and established higher cultures of order in primitive cultures. A story that is scattered all throughout the earth. All these cultures developed around identical institutions yet with their own local cultural twist. Glyphs and words are identical in both Egypt and Maya demonstrating a migration of ideas around the globe. A powerful influx of world culture.

The destruction of Atlantis was caused by the princes who departed from the divine principles there forefathers had laid down before them to follow as they traveled and colonized the seas. The same story is told in 40-50 scattered culture groups, yesterday we were savages then this man came and then no longer were we savages, we were civilized. Knowledge did not evolve but was given to them as a kind of birthright.

2. Atlantean Records in India & China


According to oriental sources humanity began over 1,000,000 years ago when the progenitors of the Aryan race moved through central Asia as a wandering nomadic people who conquered the world. Mongolia was Atlantean and China was Aryan.

Battle between light and darkness, new and old, youth vs the aged. Island of Selon associated by Indian scholars with Atlantis. Deluge in Chinese equals the water of oblivion, means the blotting out of the way of life, the rise of darkness, a fall from wisdom. A psychological deluge of darkness rather than a physical deluge of water. Glorified aspect of shamanism found in Bosnia.

3. Atlantean Records in Africa & Polynesia


Remembered by Eskimo, natives of South Pacific, native Indians of Americas, basically all cultures remember the golden age, then a silver age, bronze age and finally the fall to the iron age, the age of death. These four seasons of ages are later known as the four horseman of the apocalypse.

4. Atlantean Records in Europe


Migration of the lemmings points toward their suicide swimming out into the ocean and drowning, a power, a driving force behind this species that force it into the ocean to its imminent death, it is assumed they are following an ancient route that was a land route at the time of the maritime period, that they have never been able to overcome the instinct to follow an old order of the earths arrangement. Always expecting to find land, never expecting to die. Seeking of another land beyond the water (lemming suicide is an unfortunate myth generated by Disney films

Buddhist monks from Asia reached Ireland (UK) at a very ancient time. Druid remains from welsh records state Stonehenge was a monument created from the gods of previous ages. They claim they found Stonehenge they did not build it. Heraditus states the builders of the pyramid started at the top and built down. How is that possible? Built defying the laws of gravity. Carnac in Brittany western France, another megalithic stone structure built by ancients.

Atlanteans were perhaps closer to the Mongol than any other type of people that we have today.

5. Atlantean Records in Ancient America


Central America, great rabbit took a canoe and led his people out to the east, Cherokee people and Norse people talk about pilgrimages and journeys to eastern shores. East off American coast was found the continent of Atlantis. The four god birds, such as the thunder bird god of rainstorms is at its core a Chaldean belief system.

Many Mayan words are identical in type and meaning to that of Egypt also some strong correlations to Asia.Mayans are really called the Itzas, whose patriarch is Itzamna the father of the Itzas who saved them from a land of where they came and saved them from the gods of waters, carried them safely across the great deluge and brought them to the western hemisphere. Which indicates why the Mayan calendar begins in the 7th cycle, the previous 7 cycles most likely occurring in the Mayans original homeland, that of the continent of Atlantis.Leaf 74 of the manuscript Dresden represents the Mayan glyph representation of the sinking of Atlantis.

Quiche tribes Popol Vuh initiation into the tribe they had to go through the same experiences as the race of their people had to go through, they had to swim through a river of blood and a river of mud before entering the initiation temple.

Incas came from Asia possibly founded by Japanese colony who were drove off their island by aggressive storms. Pre-Incas in Peru claim to have ancient records of ancient language lost thousands of years ago. Primitive people with no literacy weeping for the loss of their lost written language through oral traditions and storytelling. They declare that the gods of men walked among us, the Incas arrived as nothing more than proud aborigines compared to the great pre-Inca civilization that existed long before their arrival. The great nobility of the pre-Inca setting world records for times of peace, 500 years without war.

Code of the Iroquois Indians the most successful and advanced system of law as certified by professors in the prestigious universities of Oxford, was originally an Atlantean belief system preserved by the Iroquois due to a belief that one day the sea god who gave them the law would return and if his peoples were not following the law exactly as he left it then he would abandon those peoples and leave them to their own ruin.

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