Florescent Friend from Oaxaca


Florescent Friend From Oaxaca


Wildflowers along the Agua Caliente Trail

Wildflowers along the Agua Caliente Trail

DSC00187sNeko inspects some wildflowers growing along the Agua Caliente Trail in the Santa Rita Mountains. Red flowers are Autumn Sage (Salvia greggii), whites are Fleabane (Erieron divergens) and yellows are Mountain Marigold (Tagetes lemmonii)

More photos at Karina’s Photo Well:

Wildflowers Along the Agua Caliente Trail in the Santa Rita Mountains

Alan Watts – A Tribute From His Friends

Alan Watts – A Tribute From His Friends

watercourseway1 watercourseway1 Published on September 19, 2013


A tribute to Alan Watts with John C. Lilly, Tony Lilly, Laura Huxley, Virginia Dennison, Oliver Andrews, Hershel Lineman and his daughter Joan Watts. Recorded a few months after his death in November 1973.

Lily and Neko atop Mt. Wrightston

Lily and Neko atop Mt. Wrightston

To see more photos of their expedition check out our new photography page

Karina’s Photo Well

The Mystical Experience: Insights from Psilocybin Research – Roland Griffiths

The Mystical Experience: Insights from Psilocybin Research – Roland Griffiths

scienceandnonduality scienceandnonduality Published on Jan 12, 2013


Clip from Roland Griffiths presentation at SAND’12, California. For the complete talk please visit:


Mystical-type experiences are profound experiences characterized by a sense of the interconnectedness of all people and things, often accompanied by a sense of sacredness, feelings of joy and peace, and a sense of encountering ultimate reality. Although such experiences have been described by mystics and religious figures throughout the ages, there are few meaningful prospective experimental studies because such experiences usually occur at low rates and often unpredictably. Recent studies at Johns Hopkins showed that, under carefully controlled conditions, psilocybin can occasion profound personally and spiritually meaningful mystical-type experiences in the majority of healthy participants. Analysis showed that mystical-type experiences mediate sustained positive changes in attitudes, moods, personality, and behavior. With regard to attitudes about Self, volunteers endorsed feeling more personal integration, inner authority, creativity, authenticity, and self-confidence. They also reported an increased sense that all of life is interconnected, and less concern with thoughts and feelings about their bodies. An ongoing study in novice meditators is exploring whether psilocybin-occasioned mystical-type experiences can further enhance the positive persisting effects of meditation and other spiritual practices. Therapeutic studies are currently investigating psilocybin-facilitated treatment of anxiety and depression in cancer patients and psilocybin-facilitated cigarette smoking cessation using a cognitive-behavioral approach. Further research with psilocybin can be expected to provide unique insights into the biology and psychology of mystical experience, and may hold promise as a paradigm-shifting treatment approach.

Roland Griffiths, Ph.D. is a professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Neurosciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

The notion of self and other teachings by Puppetji

The notion of self and other teachings by Puppetji

scienceandnonduality scienceandnonduality Published on Mar 8, 2013


Master Puppetji speaks to all. His insightful and useless “Socksangs” are light-hearted reminders that help us open our eyes to a new way of SEEING. A master at squashing illusion with Wizdumb, humor and meaningless insights, Puppetji cuts through the spiritual mumbo-jumbo and gets right to The Truth: According to Puppetji. Considered to be one of our last great enlightened masters, Puppetji selflessly delivers his meaningless words of Wizdumb to anyone who will listen and even those who don’t. Puppetji’s message is simple: “You take life too seriously…Enlighten-up”. http://www.puppetji.com

Mear One – Allegory Of Complacency

Mear One – Allegory Of Complacency


MearOneHD MearOneHD Published on Aug 6, 2012

Stop motion video with Mear One, at the T-shirt spot, corner of 28th and Pasadena Avenue, Lincoln Heights Los Angeles CA

Produced by Roger L. Griffith
Music by: Thevius Beck

Mear One and Thavius Beck

‘Dynamo Jack’ John Chang – Powers of Qigong/Chi Energy

‘Dynamo Jack’ John Chang – Powers of Qigong/Chi Energy

ForbiddenKnowledgeTV ForbiddenKnowledgeTV Published on Aug 3, 2013

The Blair brothers spent a decade sailing around the islands of Indonesia, filming their incredible encounters with people like Dynamo Jack Chang, the Javanese healer who could shoot fire from his hands, which we see here. Clip excerpt from the Ring of Fire Documentary.

John Chang’s Western student: Interview with Jim McMillan of Mo Pai Nei Kung

rammsteinregeln rammsteinregeln Uploaded on Nov 11, 2010

Jim McMillan speaks! Jim is a Western student of John Chang (The Magus of Java). For background (if you have not already read it) here is a previous published interview that Jim has done:

Jim has been gracious enough to grant a phone interview in which he reveals the current status of the Mo Pai school and lineage, what he has been up to lately in regards to Mo Pai and his travels and contact with the school, and the future- where he plans to go from here, and sage advice to any would-be practitioners and students of the internal Arts.

Ram Dass, Facing Death, Rhinebeck, May 1992

Ram Dass on Death

Do you believe that there is continuity after death?, “I dont believe it, it is” -Ram Dass

Published on Jan 16, 2013

Ram Dass, Facing Death, Rhinebeck, May 1992

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