‘Dynamo Jack’ John Chang – Powers of Qigong/Chi Energy

‘Dynamo Jack’ John Chang – Powers of Qigong/Chi Energy

ForbiddenKnowledgeTV ForbiddenKnowledgeTV Published on Aug 3, 2013

The Blair brothers spent a decade sailing around the islands of Indonesia, filming their incredible encounters with people like Dynamo Jack Chang, the Javanese healer who could shoot fire from his hands, which we see here. Clip excerpt from the Ring of Fire Documentary.

John Chang’s Western student: Interview with Jim McMillan of Mo Pai Nei Kung

rammsteinregeln rammsteinregeln Uploaded on Nov 11, 2010

Jim McMillan speaks! Jim is a Western student of John Chang (The Magus of Java). For background (if you have not already read it) here is a previous published interview that Jim has done:

Jim has been gracious enough to grant a phone interview in which he reveals the current status of the Mo Pai school and lineage, what he has been up to lately in regards to Mo Pai and his travels and contact with the school, and the future- where he plans to go from here, and sage advice to any would-be practitioners and students of the internal Arts.

6 thoughts on “‘Dynamo Jack’ John Chang – Powers of Qigong/Chi Energy

  1. can someone please tell me where the footage is from – where he invites them back to film him and gets scientifically tested? The ‘Ring Of Fire – An Indonesian Odyssey’ series has 5 parts and in part 3 “East Of Krakatoa” the brother gets the acupunture and then John burns the paper – but what is the name of the documentary that the rest of the footage is from?

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