Wednesday with Bob Monroe

Wednesday with Bob Monroe

Uploaded on Aug 3, 2009 by The Monroe Institute (TMI)

If you attended the Gateway Voyage residential program at The Monroe Institute in the last 10 to 15 years, you missed the evening talks with Bob Monroe. Prior to his death in 1995, Bob talked with Gateway Voyage participants on Saturday evenings, their first night at the Institute, and on Wednesday evenings after they had experienced the exploration of Focus 21, a bridge to other realities. Wednesdays talks were particularly precious to participants as they had experienced for themselves by that time the very realms Bob spoke of during those Wednesday evening discussions.

Here is a collection of nine clips that together constitute one of Bob Monroe’s Wednesday night talks in 1990. Bob didn’t like to be filmed, so we are fortunate to still have this classic footage.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday with Bob Monroe

  1. Have read his books and done the CDs for Gateway. I really credit his system for my deep meditative states. I think I could have spent years without making much progress on my own so I appreciate all he’s done and wish more people had access/knowledge of it. Nice video of him.

    • Oh exciting, have to admit that I was not terribly familiar with him prior to watching this. Really enjoyed this interview and his explanation of the cycle of our experience, our karma and ability to ascend. Will check out his books next!

      • There’s also some really good science behind the Monroe system now for pain relief, healing after surgery, PTSD, autism side effects, etc. Wonderful legacy.

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