Marcel Vogel Workshop — Therapeutic Use of Crystals

Marcel Vogel Workshop — Therapeutic Use of Crystals

Published on Jul 9, 2012by Kurt Lykke Ingesen

00:00:20 I want to the best of my ability to replace mysticism with knowledge.
00:02:10 Happiness = work minus resistance.
00:05:20 Group meditation with 13 sided Vogel-cut crystal.
00:10:05 “The internal vibrations and feelings of each of you are stored here in this crystal. From time to time I will pick it up and use it as a transducer to help me to speak to you in a more deep, practical and meaningful way.”
00:10:40 What is a crystal?
00:12:30 A quartz crystal unit cell corresponds almost exactly to a human cell in our body. It is the smallest unit which when you separate that unit it loses its identity.
00:14:20 This unit cell is the memory unit on which a crystal will grow.
00:18:55 Your mind, your thoughts can enter matter and order it.
00:22:00 There is a livingness to a crystal when it grows. You can feel the dynamic vibration to a crystal.
00:23:10 When a crystal grows it has an option. It can grow either left-handed og right-handed. All crystals grow in spirals.
00:24:15 When a crystal grows it absorbs the vibrations of the forces that exist in and around it.
00:24:30 A natural crystal is a perfect storage library of the geological forces that have existed about its time of growth.
00:24:48 It reflects in the internal symmetry the forces of nature that were there at that time.
00:25:08 Those who work with natural crystals will induce in their body the effect of all these geological imprinting forces.
00:26:30 A natural crystal can also reflect the magnetic and above all the forces of nuclear radiation. Gamma, Alpha, X-Rays and the like. These causes a displacement of some of the silica atoms from their lattice sites.
00:30:00 Experiment with a crystal that had been exposed to radio active radiation. When the crystal was exposed to red light, the radiation disappeared.
00:32:17 Crystals to work with on others must be released from all negative radiation. They must be released from all patterns of thought. They must be released from all the stresses of the act of mining.
00:32:50 How we make the Vogel-cut crystals.
00:33:45 A remarkable simple way to clear a crystal from the thoughts, emotions, tensions and stresses that have been imposed upon it.
00:38:05 Once the crystal is filled (with your thoughts, emotions, etc.), it becomes personal. Now it is you. And truly you. Your life signature is in the crystal. It is a dynamic, living activity or a representation of the activity that is going on in your subtle body.
00:38:50 You can now study yourself at all levels of consciousness through this crystal.
00:39:48 Man in his human body is continually, dynamically changing. You are changing.
00:41:40 With the Vogel-cut crystal I can get a dynamic, vital measurement of you. Your entire being. Be it a physical activity, be it an emotional activity, be it a mental activity or a spiritual activity.
00:44:18 Into every crystal that we make I put a “safety valve”. I you abuse the crystal in a negative way, it will shatter. The tip will pop off, and if you really fool around, it will crack right in half.
00:45:00 The effects of what you can do with a crystal like this will frighten most people. But there is nothing to fear, when you act in a loving, sincere way. Because you are working for the good of a person and not for your control or manipulation over them.
00:48:00 Psychic attac at a meeting in England.
01:00:08 The color that you see in quartz is the result of impurities. If the impurity is iron oxide, you get amethyst with the bluish color. Minute traces of metals in a crystal create cosmic influences. 
01:02:40 The coloration by the impurities puts limitations to the crystal. With a pure quartz crystal you can imitate all the other types of crystals by means of programming.
01:04:08 When you wear a gem stone, you take it on and put it on your body, now you are linking to cosmic influences.
01:04:40 For a therapeutic instrument you want it as clean and clear and simple as possible.
01:06:25 In silicon oxide (quartz) the vibration of the lattice matches the vibrational spectra of water.
01:08:05 We have in our body a unique type of crystal, a liquid crystal. The membrane around our cells is a liquid crystal.
01:09:30 The water in our bodies is an information storage system.
01:10:50 The energy from a crystal going into water and structuring it will be forming a liquid crystal information storage.
01:11:25 Water is chemically changed by just putting a thought form into the water through a crystal.
01:12:20 Thoughts have the capacity of structuring our body by means of the water that is within us.
01:13:40 When I hold a crystal like this (Vogel-cut) in my hand I can store not only voice, sound, but my inner feelings, the energy of my body. So it becomes a dynamic storage element of my self.
01:22:30 What is the value of a (Vogel-cut) crystal? It is a computer. It is a mind computer. It is a means of holding patterns of thought.


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