Gnostic Sabotage in the Book of Revelation

Gnostic Sabotage in the Book of Revelation

 A series of talks titled


presented by John Lamb Lash

“A mystique is an air or attitude of mystery developing around something, or, the specialist or esoteric skill essential to a field or calling. The coined term gnostique refers both to the genuinely mysterious aura of Gnostic teachings and the special expertise of those ancient seers. I argue that gnosis, the practice of cognitive ecstasy, was an ancient version of what we today call the noetic sciences, including parapsychology.”-JLL

“Since I am writing far less for, I am resorting to this spoken material in mp3 files to present unusual and unprecedented material on the Book of Revelation and the Apocalypse scenario of Christian faith. I offer these talks (eventually 9 in all) with kind regards to Christians and those who follow the Bible, especially if they are awaiting the End of Days.” -JLL Nov./2012

A lecture series in 9 parts (6 parts, plus one extra as of this posting), for MP3 downloads of each lecture visit:

References and illustrations

1 Opposition to the Divine Plan – 23 Nov

2 Animal Powers Revealed – 23 Nov

3 Interlude: Diaspora of the Mysteries – 25 Nov

4 A Pagan Apocalypse – 26 Nov

5 Charagma – Bull’s Eye of the Beast – 27 Nov

6 The Rapture of Goddess Earth – 6 Dec

The Mad Monk’s Dream


Book of Revelation, King James Version:


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