Alan Watts: Buddhism and Science (1960) [full length]

Alan Watts: Buddhism and Science (1960) [full length]

Science is the art of definition, of getting things down in black and white, of assimilating the unknown, the irregular and the wayward into patterns that are know, regular and controlled. Basically, this is really the whole operation of the distinct human activity we call thought, thought is classification as is science classification. Computers process instructions using binary code, a system consisting of two digits, 0 and 1.  This system corresponds to the same duality of yes and no upon which all thought is based, and upon which is the basis of classification. When we put phenomena in mental boxes, or class them, the question is, “is it in this box or is it in that box”, and that is the fundamental principle for which science is based.

Every moment, yes or no.

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Here is an episode from the 1960 season of Alan Watts’ KQED television series, Eastern Wisdom & Modern Life, entitled “Buddhism and Science”.

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