Ardhanareshwara (Siva-Sakti)




885: Letters A, U and M
By One Letter, A, He all worlds became;
By Two Letters (A and U), He the Two became–Siva and Sakti;
By Three Letters (A, U and M), He the Light became;
By Letter M was Maya ushered in.

891: Letters A and U are Si and Va
Letters A and U are Si (Siva) and Va (Sakti)
They supreme are;
They are Voids, beyond reach of thought
They are Spaces Vast, of Intelligence Supreme,
Where He His Holy dance performs;
Letters A and U are Refuge Finale and Joy Eternal.

952: Lord is in “Aum” Beyond Adharas
Where Adharas end,
“Aum” is;
There shall you see Lord
Who of Himself reveals;
He is Blemishless,
He is Light Divine,
He is Whole Truth,
He is the Alchemic pill,
Of flawless gold.

Tirumantiram was composed by Tirumular (200BCE). History tells us that he was a disciple of Guru Nandinatha. Tirumantiram = Tiru + mantiram = Sacred + incantation, formula = Sacred incantation. He came down from Himalayas to Tamil country. Tirumantiram is a repository of yogic and tantric knowledge and the mainstay of Saiva Siddhanta. Siva and Sakti form the centerpiece of devotion, worship and adulation.

Tirumular came down from up north to Tamil Nadu in search of Agastya Muni of Pothiya Hills. His name was Sundarar before he became Mulan; there is a lore that is mythical in its content and transformational in the life of Mulan. (Agastya = Agastiya = Agam + ti =  «¸õ + ¾£ = Inner + Fire  = Inner Fire = Kundalini Fire = One who has kindled his Inner Kundalini Fire = A Siddha = Perfected Yogi.)

more at    http://www.bhagavadgitausa.com/TIRUMANTIRAM-epilogue.htm

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