Terence Mckenna – The Voynich Manuscript (Full)

Terence Mckenna – The Voynich Manuscript (Full)

Published on Jun 1, 2012 by

Terence talks about the mysterious Voynich Manuscript, Rudolf II of Bohemia, The Winter King and Queen, John Dee, Edward Kelly, Roger Bacon, and its possible ties to alchemy and the Rosicrucian Enlightenment.


3 thoughts on “Terence Mckenna – The Voynich Manuscript (Full)

  1. Interesting stuff. Especially since I was writing a climatic scene today about the final seige of the Cathars at Montsegur in 1244. If the Carbon 14 tests done in 2009 are correct that the manuscript dates to 1408-1438, it’s probably too late for the Cathars and too early for Dee (1527-1608). So the mystery endures.

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  3. Interesting synchronicity as well as I had just posted a video on animal esp only to visit your page and read the story about the elephants. After reading your post on the manuscripts, of which are new to me, had to learn more. One of the first things to come up in my search was Terrance speaking on them.

    So if the carbon dating of manuscript dates to 1408-1438 this indeed darkens an already elusive mystery.

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