Dan Winter – Syncretism – 11-06-12 – Fire in The Blood

Dan Winter on Syncretism with Santos Bonacci, Nov. 6th, 2012.

Ones ability to attract charge determines your ability to radiate charge, the very nature of fusion. You can’t have radiance until you’ve become centripetal. This is the nature of warm and cold fusion reactions, as well as the nature of ra or ones aura (radiance). Au (gold) is phase conjugate, or charge radiant. If your aura is lacking Au (is not phase conjugate) then you’re not (ra)radiating from your (Au)original inner nature, and as a result will not attract charge.

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Dan Winter on Syncretism with Santos Bonacci. Recorded on November 6th, 2012.

6 thoughts on “Dan Winter – Syncretism – 11-06-12 – Fire in The Blood

  1. This was a difficult one to get into since I don’t have the science or familiarity with Dan Winter’s way of hopping around. Interesting to think of the process of enlightenment as a physical transformation. Would like to get his new app to be able to sync the heart through breathing.

    • His new application should be out soon, however no cell phone here so won’t be able to try it. Sounds like biofeedback for the heart-mind connection thru breathing, which can be achieved though meditation. Biofeedback has amazing potential for curing illness as well so can understand how it would improve the heart-mind connection. Maybe, if this application spreads, all these busy cell phone users will find time to “meditate”, improve the heart mind connection and maybe, just maybe, society will wake up to the light within and stop sleeping in the dark without.

      • At least the idea that we can attune to one another may gain some ground. I’m not hopeful about the masses meditating unless 2012 brings big changes. One disturbing thing that was said on this interview is that people in cities are effectively cut off from accessing the wavelength (?) to ride a transcendental experience (GOD- if you like). If that’s true, even if you could get humanity to meditate, they’d never achieve higher consciousness. That’s scary!

      • hmmmm, this adds additional meaning to the tale of Sodom and Gommorah, LOL, no but really, it is just his theory. Doesn’t really resonate with my knowledge of the afterlife or experience accessing higher planes of consciousness as cities don’t appear to inhibit the ability of myself or others to ascend to these higher planes. Cities may create a sort of smog if you will, and if one was never centered, navigation would be difficult. What does resonate with me is for one to obtain bliss or become radiant one must implode or look within. When we look within, we gather our inner light, our gold (Au) our true inner nature. The more gold we collect the brighter our RAdience, our AuRa. Gold, inner light, as gathered grows like the RAdius of a circle. More light, longer the radius of our circles, the brighter we become. Not sure if they talked about this in this interview, too much water under this bridge already 🙂 Check out Santos Bonacci for more on the circle/Ra stuff, Ra as in Amon Ra, or amen.

      • My pleasure!!! also my interpretation is Dan Winter thinks cities inhibit the ability of the soul to transcend due to metals within them. However, when one reviews reports of the near death experience people go to the light all the time, and some don’t have a problem floating around for awhile, observing conversations and objects otherwise unknown and inaccessible to them…. its all so fascinating.

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