The Enochian Alphabet – Language of the Angels – Vincent Bridges

The Enochian Alphabet – Language of the Angels – Vincent Bridges

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Vincent Bridges & Dan Winter Present:
ENOCHIAN ALPHABET – THE ANCIENT ALPHABET OF ELOHIM. NOTE: The word ELOHIM (אֱלוֹהִים , אלהים, sometimes pronounced Al-Eim) is transliteration of EL-AUM, or simply OM with the addition of aleph (א), – and known as praṇava प्रणव in Sanskrit or “OM syllable. Targum (תרגום) opens the mystery of Elohim IT IS DEITY IN THREE SEPARATE STATES (not HEBREW ONE GOD, not CHISTIAN TRINITY, but originally VEDIC SHIVAIT TRINITY from where the mystical meaning and concept of Divinity transformed into a Hebrew Elohim (Al-Eim). The word and the whole paradigm-concept Elohim – the “OM syllable, was literally borrowed from Aryan Runic and later Vedic Sanskrit. Really, nothing new was brought to the world, taking in consideration that even Sanskrit is much older than Hebrew. Since Vedic Sanskrit derived from Slavic Aryan Runic as a language, the concept of a mystical or sacred OM syllable, called also Sound of Divinity (АУМ in Aryan Runic) was known at least 40,000 if not 160,000+ years before it was mentioned in TORAH, which was written down approximately 1000-1500 years ago (LENINGRAD CODEX), not 3,500 as scholars delude us to believe. The following is rather a story with different angle behind the Enochian alphabet – the alphabet of Angels or Elohim (EN). – Only gene pools empowered by compassion get sufficient braid recursion to penetrate the time lines…These bodies of magnetic arc-angles sewn recursive (breathable) are indexed by the sequence of turns superset language to Annunaki’s simple tetra-Hebrew (Saurians took it from Sivaits): the hypercubic symmetry set of magnetic tilts called Ophanim Angel Alphabet: Enochian Keys. (See the symbols on Star Gate, see also book: “Enochian Physics…) The superset of original Bible letterform was the Ophanim “Enochian” language of John Dee. These symbols on Star Gate, being the hypercube superset of Annunaki’s tetra, solve the implosion and time sustain and soul problem, but require feeling. The letters of the Ophanim alphabet were arranged in a table “The Tablet of Nalvage” using the Greek alphabet GEMATRIA (letter to numeric values), revealing the hypercube symmetry (key to stargates – CHEM – from the black-hole-ness – NOTHINGNESS) NOTE 2: Greek alphabet derived from Slavic Aryan, not the other way around, since originally Greeks were ancient Slavs, who later intermixed with different races (EN). Then reading down in the Ophanim alphabet tables like tic tac toe, we discovered the letters read: Ureil, Gabirel, Michael, Ophaniel, Exekiel, etc. This suggests that our ANGEL NAMES were simply symmetry turn instructions for how to cookie cut biology’s magnetics into black holes. Literally, the Angel Names are the symmetry turns for light bodies to squirt into time. These letters were the actual glyphs used to make the movie Stargate. This is how the Ophanim Angels become light bodies incubating black holes through stars. This is also how people can become stars, as perfect embedding permits. (Nest into a membrane then steer it.) The Greek alphabet (geometry letter number values) was the key to the puzzle. To be a star you have to make gravity (centering fractal attractive force) for yourself in your own heart. When the DNA implodes with the hearts sonic ponytail (braiding algorithm) embedding makes the gravity we use to slingshot ourselves from heart of plane to the sun to the stars. If we understand the story, John Dee learned most of the languages of Earth, and then said I need to understand true Angel language. An Ophanim Angel knocked on his window, handed him of grey green magnetic stone sphere. This egg Ophanic communication device is in the British museum today. Some clairvoyance enabled the perception of a symmetry alphabet inside, which became the true physics of magic. Now we learn that the quantum cookery symmetry implicit here is the true hypercube implosion symmetry. No coincidence these were the symbols on stargate. These are the play-dough cookie cutters necessary to thread magnetism non-destructively thru implosion (time and death). They are useful for organizing the magnetism of glands and optical cortex hologram to enable shamanic star penetrance. This would be how Ophanim angels as magnetic clouds recursive enough to be self aware thru black holes, glue star births together sustainably. Note apparent match to the Sirian alphabet (per Robert Morningsky and Claire Watson), also note implications for glyph set on the strut of the Roswell craft. Now imagine how this more implosive braiding algorithm when applied to gene splicing instead of priestly tetra-Hebrew-Annunaki language, would create the superluminal soul force in DNA. By Dan Winter, (except NOTE 1 & 2).

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