Manly Hall – Mysteries of the Human Body

Manly Hall – Mysteries of the Human Body

The body is the house, the house from which the divine power acts, therefore it must be maintained. By nature the body is equipped to combat nearly all of the diseases that effect the flesh. If the body is corrupted it will be unable to rise to this challenge.

Analogous to the microcosms, the body is a miniature of the whole, as without, as within. It is a means for the expression for that which is within it. For the body to bring fourth this expression the same process are necessary as those which brought forth the larger universe, which consists of energy moving forth through organization, expressing universal systems symbolical of the anatomy of man.

Divisible into systems or parts, the body was created to make possible the compound function of man. It is a commonwealth, the most magnificent example of cooperation that exists to our understanding. All parts working together for the common good. Within the body more separate living entities are found than are found living creatures on the earth. A far greater assembly of life than is to be found anywhere else.

Everyone has their own kingdom, you can rule it as you choose. You can be a good ruler or a tyrant. Bad government is contrary to the magnificent cooperation which makes up the body. We must live in peace or the kingdom will perish. We may not always be good governors, but we have the inner will to try and seek the way to make peace if we choose to listen to that which is within, to listen to the heart. The heart plays the melody of life and serves all with out discrimination. Thru mind one administers control of the light which is within the heart, therefore there must be cooperation between the two. When the mind no longer cooperates it cuts itself off from its supply of light, darkness falls upon the heart.

One may advance ones mind to ultimate illumination. However ego often betrays the body thru the brain centered mind. There can be no discord between ones own mind and the mind of any other as there is only one universal mind. When broken up into individual brains, the mind often becomes competitive, yet their is no competition possible unless the brain goes against the dictates of the heart.

That which abides in the heart is wiser than what can be given to it by the mind ; )

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