The Prisoner (1967–1968)

The Prisoner (1967–1968)

After resigning, a secret agent is abducted and taken to what looks like an idyllic village, but is really a bizarre prison.

Where am I?    –In the Village.

What do you want?    –Information.

Whose side are you on?  – That would be telling.  We want information…

You won’t get it.   –By hook or by crook we will.

Who are you?   –The new Number 2.

Who is Number 1?   –You are Number 6.

I am not a number, I am a free man!

The Prisoner Episode 01 arrival

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Who is the Prisoner? It could be the viewer himself. The Prisoner of the title has no name. He has become simply a number – Number 6 – in this strange but lovely village in which he has been held captive. Where and by whom? The answers are open to various interpretations. The village can symbolize the prison that is man’s own mind, just as the unseen “Number One”, the man ruling the village, can be the symbol of every man’s desire to be the top dog – an evil which must be removed if we are to be free.

Rover watches over an unconscious Number Six

The Prisoner Puzzle ( with Patrick McGoohan )

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A very rare interview from Canadian Television circa 1977.

Warner Troyer interviews Patrick McGoohan about the making and meaning of the 1960’s T.V. series “The Prisoner”.

This interview took place in Toronto in 1977 in front of, and with the participation of, a studio audience. The 35-minute program was broadcast on TVOntario, a public television network which had shown The Prisoner series along with commentaries from Troyer from October 1976 to February 1977. The Ontario Educational Communications Authority also published a 21-page booklet on The Prisoner called The Prisoner Puzzle.

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