4/22/12 Santos Bonacci: Decoding Philosophy and Advanced Astrotheology – Truth Connections

4/22/12 Santos Bonacci: Decoding Philosophy & Advanced Astrotheology – Truth Connections

Published on Apr 28, 2012 by

Original Title for Program – Decoding Philosophy

TOPICS: What is a Philosopher’s Mind, Sofia, Left & Right Brain, Right Brain Way, Serpent & Electricity, Sinister Brain, The Word Sin Origins, Hebrew Alphabet, Principle of Light, Consciousness Shift, Age of Aquarius, Mona Lisa, Leonard Di Vince, Is-ra-el, Circle & Triangle, Science of Sacred Geometry, “El” the Cube, Square Box, Saturn, Square Black Cube, Chris Dwelleth in You, Paul the Gnostic School of Thinking, Male Names & the Sun, Living Under Freemasonry, 4 Caste System, Court System Using Bible to Enslave You, Soul and Ascension, Pineal Gland, Secretion, Santa Claus, Sacred Seed, Solar Plexus, Moon, Sun, Virgo, Chakras and much much more…..

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